Southern Brooke

First Impressions

Brooke is beautiful, busty, and free when it comes to sharing her body. Her tour details a number of picture galleries in which she shows off her hot body, although I’m not sure if she’s a topless model or if she keeps her nipples hidden from the world. What I am sure of is that she’s gorgeous and that she does several webcam shows a month, which I’ve really warmed up to in recent months. I like seeing these girls get naked on camera and really work hard to please their members and I can’t wait to see Brooke do her thing.

Hot Promises

As I mentioned above Brooke has weekly webcam shows scheduled; you can check the tour for the specific date on which she’ll be performing. She also has a number of picture galleries and videos for you to download, and those are added on a weekly basis as well. It’s promised that Brooke’s breasts are 100% natural, and there’s no reason to believe that’s not the case. I wish they would make it clear whether or not she got naked on the tour, but that’s what I’m here to determine for you.


Upon entering her site you’ll see that Brooke has written you a welcome message pointing you to the different content sections. The rest of the member’s main page shows the most recent updates, a bunch of ads for other sites in the Spunky network (which is where Brooke’s site resides) and links to the bonus sites that come with your membership. There’s also a link to Brooke’s zipsets, a feature that I detest and will talk more about later.

My first destination was the picture galleries, where I found more than 50 sets waiting for me. I also found out that Brooke is a topless model indeed, and her breasts are the all natural wonders they were advertised as. They look like D cups or larger, which breast fans will go wild for. She brings them out towards the end of every picture set I looked at. Most image sets have 40-100 shots and show Brooke posing in any number of different outfits. You can have the full size images display in a medium or high resolution depending on your setup. You can also make use of the slide show feature if you prefer to do your browsing hands free.

Brooke poses in a wide variety of outfits and lingerie in her galleries, although she largely eschews the typical teen stuff. Instead of seeing her in cute t-shirts and tank tops you’ll get to observe her gorgeous body in hot lingerie, short skirts, bikinis and more. What I like best about her is that her breasts are huge and all natural and the rest of her body is relatively thin. It’s a combination that you don’t see very often and it’s always hot. Brooke is one of the best and her talent at selecting sexy outfits to pose in only makes things better.

My favorite gallery at the site is called Posing in the Mirror and features Brooke wearing a short blue dress with ruffled shoulders and a bow across the empire waist. It’s super cute, but it comes across as that naughty kind of cute that I and many other men enjoy so much. On the naughtier side of things she’s got a great gallery where she poses in a black and pink corset and black stockings with garters attached. If you’re looking for pure sex appeal I’d check that one out.

Brooke’s video section (separate from the webcam shows) lags significantly behind the picture galleries. She’s produced only twelve clips so far and it appears that a new one is added every two weeks. This isn’t quite fast enough in my opinion, but what she’s already done is pretty good. The most recent videos can be downloaded in a beautiful high resolution that will look great even when run full screen, and the five oldest clips can only be downloaded in a relatively low resolution WMV file.

Like the picture galleries these clips are mostly about enjoying Brooke’s amazing all natural boobs. They’re big and beautiful and she shows them off in every scene. In one she’s in the shower pouring milk all over her lovely tits and her gorgeous ass. In another she’s seductively eating a banana while playing with her tits. In my favorite she’s laying on the couch and squirting lotion onto her stomach and then rubbing it into her lovely tits. There’s nothing like a shiny pair of breasts, and hers are among the best.

What Brooke lacks in downloadable video clips she makes up for in webcam shows. She schedules at least for a month, and sometimes you’ll find five or six. Each show is usually an hour long and begins with an interactive chat. She’s a friendly girl and will usually answer any questions you have that aren’t overly invasive or pervy. If you miss a show chances are good you’ll be able to download it from the webcam videos section. You can also browse through the screenshots section if you prefer a still image synopsis.

There are three other girls that do live webcam shows as well, so you’ll be able to watch at least three a week, sometimes four. If you’ve never seen a webcam show they usually begin with the girl doing a chat. After the chat she generally dances a little bit in front of the camera and then does a bit of stripping for you. Brooke gets topless, but some of the other girls don’t. Despite the lack of nudity the shows are impressive.

Brooke provides a fairly large section of candid pictures for her members. They offer a nice look at her life as you can see her at parties, on the beach, with her friends and more. These galleries aren’t added with any sort of regularity, but there are plenty of them already. If you want to get to know Brooke a little better you ca read her journal entries, in which she shares the details of her life with her members. There are more than 50 desktop wallpapers you can use to decorate your computer, all of which come in four resolutions to keep everyone happy. Finally, if you want to send Brooke a gift you can browse her wishlist and pick something that fits in your price range.

My only complaint is the zip store, in which Brooke sells two bonus content sets for $17.50. In one set she gets fully nude and in the other she gets frisky with another girl. The content is great and includes a ton of pictures, but it’s hugely overpriced.

Croco’s Opinion

SouthernBrooke is one of the most complete solo babe sites on the web. Not only does she provide picture galleries and videos, but she does regular webcam shows and offers wallpapers, candid pictures, and journal entries. She updates at least once a week and she gets topless, which is pretty cool. Also, your membership comes with 10 great bonus sites from the same network of girls. These sites add extraordinary value to your site, which is something to consider.


The site is exceptionally well designed, with a navigation bar at the top of each page so you never get lost. The picture galleries are easy to use with good sized thumbnails and downloading the videos is easy.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. It’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $22.95 every 30 days after that.

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